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Mission Statement

The founding mission of the Basra Academy for Training is to help the population and the economy of the southern region of Iraq through the development and training of the region’ s human resources. By transferring highly needed knowledge, know-how and skills to the largest number of individuals and institutions, the Academy is to participate in the durable development of employability of the population and in the increased productivity of its institutions.

The population and the employers of the region will be offered international quality programs which, until the creation of the Academy, were available mostly outside Iraq. By offering them inside Basra, the Academy will make these international programs accessible to many more Iraqis.

The employability of Iraqis and their professional abilities will be boosted by the Academy’s transfer of knowledge, know-how and skills. The Academy’s programs will help in limiting the southern economy dependence on costly imported human resources.

Through on-going training, more competent Iraqi workers will have greater development and promotion opportunities. The region’s economy will also see greater local and foreign investment initiatives thanks to the availability of valuable human resources.

In addition to training programs, the Academy will work with the Basra Governorate and with the Basra Technical College on a variety of programs serving the Basra community. These programs will cover issues such as: women development, health awareness, first-aid, road safety, student’s orientation, career fairs, English and IT support programs in schools, small business initiatives, employability training for unemployed and fresh graduates, trade-oriented educational programs, and many other vital issues.

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