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Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Included in the mission of the Basra Academy for Training is the active participation to the development of Corporate Social Responsibility programs benefiting both their sponsors and the Southern Region community.

The Academy, with the active help of its sponsors, technical partners and associate experts, acts at the forefront of the design of CSR programs, and of the execution or supervision of their educational and training initiatives.

The Academy is in a position to respond very rapidly to a number of CSR-related training needs through Techma and Pigier available training programs.

Under discussion with the Basra authorities are programs targeting the Basra community. These programs are potential CSR initiatives that could be integrated in certain sponsored programs. Discussed programs cover issues such as: women development, health awareness, first-aid, road safety, student’s orientation, career fairs, English and IT support programs in schools, small business initiatives, employability training for unemployed, as well as trade-oriented educational programs (Welders, Testing technicians, Health & Safety technicians, Secretarial, Accounting, Banking, Hospitality, Tourism, Hospitals personnel, Sales, IT technicians, Building technicians, and others).

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