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Effective Negotiation
This course will help participants develop effective skills in the more complex and challenging aspects of the negotiation process and will give them a thorough look at the ongoing demands of a business plan.

Developing Leadership Potential
Gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead any type of organization, at any stage of its growth, through any challenge. Participants will practice diagnosing the stages of team development, and adapting your leadership style accordingly.

Modern Management
Modern managers focus their attention on three key business enablers: people, knowledge, and coherence. This course will give participants easy-to-use tips and guidelines on how to incorporate these enablers in their daily management practices.

The New Manager
As managers advance in their career, they must constantly expand their horizons and develop new skills.

Turning the Key to Success: Teamwork & Teambuilding
Teamwork is essential for competing in today's global arena, where individual perfection is not as desirable as a high level of collective performance, for now teams are the norm rather than the exception.

Human Resources Management
Today’s organization demands that the HR function provide a real value-added service. This program will provide a major opportunity to review, reflect and refocus on existing practices and gain a comprehensive overview of human resources.

HR CIPD program

Project Management
This course will improve your ability to prioritize, organize, manage and control your work, your projects and yourself with tools and techniques that will make any assignment safer, more successful and better managed, no matter how informal your project is.

Business Continuity Planning
This course will prepare participants for developing new and managing existing contingency planning processes and relevant documentation. 

Time & Priorities Management
Since we can’t change time, we must learn how to make the most of the time we have. Add minutes to each day now!


Essentials of Sales

This program will give participants the opportunity to define and refine their existing sales techniques, going through each phase of the sales process and learning how to analyse the buyer’s psychology by asking the right questions and exercising their argumentation in a customer-oriented way.

The Art of Fruitful Prospecting & Winning Deals

Selling VALUE gets easier with the right tools and a flexible structure to guide the process. This course will provide the latest knowledge, skills and strategies to accomplish this goal. It will help gain awareness that the actual selling is done during a strategically designed interview structured around major closing strategies and is designed to prevent most common sales stopping/stalling objections.

Sales Negotiation Skills & Strategies

The principles that guide negotiations must be singularly focused on producing win-win solutions. No other option is acceptable. Openness and honesty replace posturing and deception. Trust and distrust are removed from the equation by using criteria for selecting an outcome based on mutually acceptable standards to define value.

Client Portfolio Management
This course will teach you how to equip yourself with models, tools, processes and best practice to engage yourself with your larger customers on a more strategic level, in order to build towards a more profitable and sustainable relationship. Through the development of a creative, structured and value-generating account plan, you will learn to deliver win-win business solutions.

Sales & Team Management
The sales manager's number one responsibility is to get results through the efforts of others. His/her legacy is made and told by the extent to which he or she is able to develop a highly skilled and productive sales force. In the end nothing else will matter.

Strategic Marketing for Sales & Profit

Business marketers confront customers who have become more powerful, sophisticated, price conscious and demanding. This program will review the insights, tools and skills needed by participants to deploy leadership strategies based on customer value creation and to capture sustainable competitive advantage while securing margins.

Powerful Communication
With this program, participants will gain easy to use techniques that will help them produce clear and credible business communications, match their gestures to enhance the meaning of what they are saying and use high tech means to present work and results.

Customer Service & Relationship Management

Simple platitudes about the customer being "number one" or providing "first class service" are no longer enough. Today, we must work on the values and skills employees need to meet or exceed the expectations of ALL their customers.


Managing Activities & Files
As a management assistant, you will need to improve your ability to equip yourself with the tools and techniques to manage your office systems effectively, as well as focus on the skills to manage the workload of people you work with.

Managing Team Projects
Participants will improve their ability to prioritize, organize, manage and control projects and learn how to adapt their approach, acquire new skills as well as handle projects more efficiently.

Planning, Controlling & Follow-up
Applying the big time concepts of project management will not help anymore. This is why there are tools and techniques that will make any assignment safer, more successful and better managed… Discover them now!

Advanced Business Correspondence
Get easy-to-use tips and guidelines that work on the job every time and master simple rules and how-to’s that are always appropriate and correct for even the most difficult times.

Focusing on Success
Learn how to improve your ability to better manage time, communications & people. This program will help participants to be more efficient in these challenging times.

Comprehensive Executive Skills
This program constitutes a wrap-up of the Executive Assistance: The Complete Course program, in which participants prepare and present a project based on all the skills they acquired throughout the program.


Hospitality & Tourism Professional Training
Pigier offers Hotels & Tourism professionals the possibility of polishing essential knowledge and skills in the various fields of the industry through in-house seminars.


The Bourse from A to Z
This program will offer participants the opportunity to learn the essentials and much more about stocks, bonds and investment strategies.

From Operations to Financial Reports
This course will provide participants with accounting fundamentals in a stimulating & easy-to-follow manner. They will in fact discover the importance of numbers and how they relate to corporate objectives.

End of Year Accounting Operations
This course is designed to help participants understand how the complete accounting cycle is presented and end-of-period financial reports are prepared.

Result-Oriented Inventory Management
This seminar basically covers forecasting and demand management, fundamentals of inventory management, replenishment order quantities and independent demand ordering systems.

Dynamic Receivables & Payables Management
Participants will learn what is involved in the credit control of new and existing customers and describe ways of shortening the receivables conversion period. They will understand how to manage payables in order to maximize the credit period without affecting supplier goodwill.

Costing at the Service of Performance
This course will introduce participants to the vocabulary of cost accounting, the techniques of cost accumulation and provide opportunities for applying cost accounting concepts to business decisions.

Planning & Budgeting the Future Ahead
This program will provide non-financial managers with a working knowledge of performance reporting and financial performance planning.

Financial Analysis & Business Growth
This course will help participants review proven analytical tools and develop a keen understanding of how and when to use them to improve their company’s profit picture.

New Projects Evaluation
This course will ensure that a comprehensive process is used to estimate project cost with an appropriate level of detail.

Business Financing & Rewards Investing
This course will guide financial professionals though the art of financing and investing by exploring all aspects related to financing & investment management.

Accounting for Corporate Life
This course will expose participants to the different legal aspects of different types of company set-up, management and liquidation, company valuation, equity transactions, mergers and liquidations.

Accounting & Budgeting
This informational module will help participants improve and develop their accounting awareness and knowledge. Management assistants, executive secretaries and key people, don’t wait any longer to help plan, measure and control accounting performance better.

Financial Markets

Banking Operations

Risk Management

Trade Finance 








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