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IT & Computing

Introduction to Windows, Word & Excel
This level is designed to acquaint trainees with the computer and the Windows operating system as well as the basic tasks that can be performed under Microsoft Word and Excel applications.

Intermediate Windows, Word, Excel & Internet
This level will provide trainees with a better understanding of how to adapt the computer to their work and manage the input information according to the needed output, in addition to internet surfing.

Advanced Word, Excel & PowerPoint
This level is designed to help trainees gain full control over their computer and optimize the usage of basic applications, including designing and managing presentations.

Mastering the Computer System Environment
This program will help participants to make the most effective usage of their computer, manage their time & information files more easily and share information with others.

Creating Professional Electronic Documents
This course will provide trainees with the core skills necessary to efficiently use Microsoft's premiere word processing program.

Creating & Managing Professional Spreadsheets
This sequence will provide trainees with the core skills necessary to efficiently use Microsoft Excel, Microsoft's popular spreadsheet program.

Creating Powerful Slide Shows
This course will provide participants with a complete set of tools for creating powerful presentations. Organize and format material easily, use illustrations with own photos, or clip art, and even broadcast presentations over the Web.

Managing Information Using Databases
This program will help trainees to work with databases, simplify data entry using forms and locate and extract specific information.

Reporting & Navigating through Databases
This course will help trainees develop advanced skills for creating and managing databases, define and implement structures that are most commonly used in businesses and use advanced techniques for entering and extracting information. 

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