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Language courses covering a number of levels of

+ other languages (using distance learning systems)

with a strong orientation towards developing abilities to communicate and perform professionally in a variety of situations.

Language courses are offered using one of the following systems or a combination thereof:

+ Classroom-led learning in small groups. The language sessions are delivered using a combination of methodologies, including class learning, tests & quizzes in addition to assignments and homework.

+ Classroom-led learning with sessions running in parallel to the Rosetta Stone distance learning system (for English). The classroom sessions will be one other opportunity for learners to consolidate their e-learning language acquisition with instructor-led sessions. They will also guide the learners and keep them motivated.

+ Distance-learning using the Nr. 1 computer-based language learning system (for English and some other languages). It has been selected for its quality, content diversity and efficiency. Rosetta Stone is installed on a remote server. Each trainee would have a 6-month unlimited access to the system. His progress would be monitored through the system. He will receive punctual assistance by Skype and mail on both technical and language levels. A periodic report would be provided on the usage of the system and on interventions. 

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