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Electrical & Instrumentation

Electrical Safety
Hazardous Area  and Intrinsic  Safety
Electrical Safety in Electrically Conducting Enclosure
Fundamentals of Electrical Technology
Electric Motors
Motor Controls and Starter
Synchronization of Generators and Parallel Operations
Overhead Line Transmission Systems
UPS Systems and Batteries
Electrical Protection Devices
Technical Drawing in Electrical Engineering
Electrical Measurement and Testing
Cathodic Protection  

Level Measurement
Temperature Measurement
Pressure Measurement
Technical Drawing in Instrument Maintenance
Flow Measurement
Pneumatic Instrumentation
Control Valves In Instrumentation
Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Automation
Electronics/Electrical Circuit Fundamentals
DCS and Computer-Based Instrumentation
PLC General, Fire and Gas System
Analyzers and Sensors
Instrument Tubing Connection
Calibration Principles and Terms
Vibration Measurement
Advanced Instrument and Control Systems
Advanced Level Control
Advanced Flow Control
Digital Logical Circuits for PLC
Emergency Shutdown System
Instrument Standards and Symbols
Hazardous Area Classifications
Power Supplies for Instrumentation
Electrical Components Behavior

Classification of Plant Equipment (Stationary and Rotating Equipment)
Hand Tools (Selection and Safety Precautions)
Measurement Tools (Function and Safety Precautions)
Fasteners & Machine Components
Technical Drawings
Heat Exchangers
Storage Tanks
Piping Systems
Plant Rotating Equipment
Bearings & Lubrication
Power Transmission Systems
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
Pumps & Mechanical Seals
Internal Combustion Engines
Shaft Alignment
Pressure Vessels
Gas Turbines
Gaskets and Packing
Maintenance Organization & Strategies
Rotating Machines Vibration & Dynamic Balancing Machine


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