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Oil & Gas Production

Process Operations and Role of the Operator
Hydrocarbon Behavior (Fluid Mechanics and Hydrocarbon Chemistry)
Reading Process Drawings
Separation, Drilling and Well Completion
Subsurface and Surface Equipment,
Flare system, Valves and Pipework
Pumps, Heat Exchangers and Heaters
Utility Systems
Compressors & Compression
Engines and Turbines
Gas Dehydration
Power Generation and Distribution
Basic Instruments and Process Control
Control Room Operations
Plant Specific Information

Oil & Gas Contracts and Procurement
Logistics, Security, Trade and Shipping
Geology, Geophysics and Reservoir Engineering
Drilling and Completion Techniques
Drilling Fluids / Cements
Logging (Mud, Wireline, While Drilling)
Well Intervention / Field Maintenance
Production / Panel Monitoring 

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